Saturday, March 25, 2006

Bracket View for Nautilus Browser

Nautilus made great progress in last years but it still is not very useful to have a global view of the global filesystem structure.

I have hundred of folders in my home tree and I need to keep a hierarchical structure to organize them. I tried the spatial browser mode, but it is quite unusable because I cannot visualize the structure with more than one level. And the default tree view in Nautilus wastes a lot of space! I think that it would be great to have alternative views like the "bracket view" that I propose here. It is just a mock-up with no actual code. I'd be glad if the community finds useful some of those ideas and someone implements them ;)

The key ideas in this proposal are the following:
Note that this representation should be as compact as the one in Finder for Mac OS X, and even more visual. Maybe it can be used as a work-around to the multiple patents that Apple filed for its interface (more info here).

Any comment, suggestion or ideas for alternative mock-ups (or eye-candy!) is welcome.

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